Real Zircon With Ruby Stones
Regular priceRs.65,200Rs.49,699
Uncut Diamond Set
Regular priceRs.12,500Rs.7,899
Naurattan Chokker Set
Regular priceRs.10,500Rs.7,699
Yumna Zaidi Silver Set - 002
Regular priceRs.9,500Rs.6,800
Tourmaline Naurattan Set
Regular priceRs.7,500Rs.6,299
Naurattan Stones Set with Teeka
Regular priceRs.4,500Rs.3,400
Royal Crush Set
Regular priceRs.3,700
Party Wear Set - 001
Regular priceRs.6,500Rs.5,200
Encrusted Naurattan Necklace Set
Regular priceRs.8,500Rs.6,950
Party Wear Sets - 003
Regular priceRs.6,500Rs.5,400
Neeti Kundan Set
Regular priceRs.9,900Rs.7,999
Lavish Naurattan Set
Regular priceRs.10,500Rs.7,499

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Royal Crush Set

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Royal Crush Set

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