You love your beautiful bling – learn how to take care of it with this handy guide to ring maintenance. 

Take It Off.

Believe it or not, caring for your ring occasionally means taking it off, especially during the following activities:

Sports: Holding a tennis racket tightly is particularly not good for a ring with stones going all the way around -- especially if you're left-handed. As for taking your ring to the gym, lifting weights with it on can be hazardous. You wouldn't want a heavy dumbbell making contact with your stone.

Gardening: It is possible to chip your stones or knock the settings loose while doing heavy yard work.

Cleaning house: It's a good idea not to wear your ring while doing the dishes: harsh chemical soaps or cleansers can soil the ring. As for personalized photo ring, it's a good idea to take it off while washing hands.


If you'll be taking your ring off to do the activities above, make sure you have a safe -- and memorable -- place to put it.

Keep It Free from Lotion, Sunscreen And Perfume. These products can gunk up your ring- it's a good idea to take it off before you apply product.

These products can gunk up your diamond, and even etch colored gemstones. It's a good idea to take your ring off before you put these things on.

Have Your Setting Checked Regularly.

Most jewellers recommend you have your setting checked every six months to make sure nothing has become loose.

Most jewellers will clean your ring free of charge, so take advantage of this courtesy. If you don't have time to get to the jewellery store, there are a few ways to clean your ring at home.

Zevar Palace suggests using a gentle dish detergent to clean lotion build-up from the bottom of the mounting. Simply scrub the top and bottom with a soft toothbrush and rinse several times in hot water. For extra shine, soak your ring in a small bowl of ammonia diluted with three times the amount of water, and gently brush the top and bottom of the mounting with a soft toothbrush. Dip the ring into the solution again, then rinse in warm water several times to be sure to get all of the solution off. You may set the ring on a soft towel to dry, or gently pat it dry.